About the Library

The University Library ensures that library resources and facilities are accessible by faculty and staff.

Some useful information is provided when using the library.

Library Mission and Collection



The mission of the University Library is to deliver information in the form, at the place, and at the time of most benefit to the user, within the resources of the University. The University Library exists to serve the teaching and research needs of the University in information provision, and strives to offer the highest quality of service to all students and staff. In addition to traditional library services, this involves providing users with to information in a variety of electronic formats.

Organisation and Availability

The University Library houses academic research materials to support programmes offered by the Faculty of Business, Informatics, Engineering and Education. Furthermore, the library offers a variety of other resources of general interest.

The collections are organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

An Online Public Access Catalogue is available to search on the library holdings to locate books, periodicals, audio visual materials or other items. The class number of the item will direct the user where to find material following the classification used by the Library. OPAC is available on the University website and can be accessed on Library iPortal.


Electronic Resources

These are organised on the University Library iportal by subject area to facilitate access to those resources relevant to a particular field of study or research. The University Library maintains on its iportal a searchable catalogue of all print and non-print materials as well as links to all of the electronic resources it holds, including:

  • E-journals;
  • Electronic reference materials including dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and newspapers;
  • Databases providing bibliographic references to literature in specific subject areas, abstracts, and synopses of literature and, in some instances, full-text articles;
  • Networked CD-ROMS encompassing bibliographic databases, reference works, and textbooks; and
  • Web-based resources such as online databases, bibliographic resources, subject gateways and search tools.



Curricular/ General Collections

This is a collection of wide variety of print resources in various subjects.


Periodicals are arranged alphabetically by programme for Faculty of Business, Education, Informatics and Engineering. These collections are for library use only.

Course Reserve

This is a section provided to faculty for placing assigned course materials on reserve for their students. Course Reserves are useful especially when many students need to access an item that is rare, difficult to obtain, has only a few copies available, or is expensive to purchase. Materials may be library or personal copies of the professor/instructor, and can include books, multimedia, journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, and so on.
Books required as Texts for modules have limited copies and should be used within library premises only.

Theses & Dissertation

Library houses University student's work. These are for Library access and only five percent of the content is photocopied. Abstracts are available through the library iPortal.

Language Support Collection

Materials on this collection are to support language teaching.


Library Regulations

Library Hours

Sunday to Thursday 9.00 am to 9.00 pm

Friday Closed

Saturday 9.00 am to 7.00 pm

Collection Management

Guidelines on Document Request


This service is for BUiD registered users requesting for items that are NOT available in BUiD Library. Please check the availability of the learning resources through the Library website before you proceed with your request.

Fill-in the online form with the required details and click Submit. By clicking the submit button, you hereby agree on the declaration statement.

For further information, see Guidelines on Document Request Service (see attached)


IT Services

Information Technology Resources

BUiD's policy is that all of its students should make full use of communications and information technology to support their studies.

The British University in Dubai provides the following IT facilities:

  1. IT Laboratories
  2. Projectors for use in the classrooms
  3. Software and hardware support in laboratories
  4. Wireless network connectivity of student laptops inside campus
  5. Access to Blackboard E-learning system
  6. Email address to all registered students

All enquiries regarding BUiD policy, passwords, software and hardware, access to classrooms and laboratories should be address to itservices@buid.ac.ae

In addition to the extensive use of information technology in the curriculum, you will have access to a wide range of computing facilities during the course of your studies, with the expectation that you will use word-processing, electronic mail, and information resources on the Internet, along with any other computing skills relevant to the subject.

Self-Service Password Reset Tool:

The selfservice for resetting passwords is available for student use, please refer to the documentation attached to the mail.

The BUiD SelfService supports the following systems:
BUiD Domain Account | Blackboard | PaperCut | BUiD SelfService


BUiD Domain Account - Computer Lab and Library computers
Blackboard - Learning Management System
PaperCut - Print Release Stations
BUiD Self-Service - Online password recovery service

Note: If you changed the password of one system mentioned above. The changes will affect the other systems mentioned above.

URL: https://selfservice.buid.ac.ae/showLogin.cc
How to enroll & user guides.

For further queries, please contact IT Services on itservices@buid.ac.ae


Conduct and Behaviour


  1. The marking, defacing or damaging of Library materials will be regarded as a serious offence and may be subject to the University disciplinary rules.
  2. Any damage found should be reported immediately to Library staff.
  3. Readers who are responsible for an item which is damaged or lost will be required to pay for the cost of replacement.
  4. Readers who fail to return any materials in accordance with regulations will be liable to the appropriate fine in respect of each item not returned. Such fines will be determined by agreement with the responsible committee and will be published as regulations in the University Library Guide which is available on Blackboard and provided to students during induction. Currently this is in Dh2 per day for lending stock and Dh 10 per day for short loan material.
  5. In accordance with the University's general disciplinary regulations, the librarian may suspend persistent offenders from the use of the University Library.
  6. A charge will be made for the replacement of a reader's card which has been lost or which through damage is made unusable.
  7. Smoking is not allowed in the Library.
  8. The consumption of food and drink will not be allowed within the parts of the Library open to readers.
  9. The use of mobile phones is not allowed in the Library.



Reproduction and Copyright


  1. A self-photocopy service using a coin operated machine is available.  The University Library has a photocopier to enable the copying of articles and chapters within the bounds of copyright legislation.
  2. The University Library abides by national and international copyright laws in force. Copyright regulations are posted next to or immediately above the photocopier to prevent any infringement of rules.
  3. If users are unsure of the terms of copyright, they should consult the library staff.
  4. Photocopying from cover to cover will not be allowed. Print material may be reproduced for educational purposes provided that:
    1. Permission has been obtained (in writing) from the copyright owner; OR
    2. A single copy is made by the Library for preservation purposes, or for exchange where the original has been lost or destroyed, and is no longer available for purchase OR
    3. An "insubstantial" portion of the entire work is reproduced for the purposes of criticism, discussion, or information
  5. In all cases, the original work must have been legitimately acquired by the University or by the member of BUiD staff, and the original work must be identified and cited in the reproduction.
  6. When students submit their dissertations to the Library they are required to sign an undertaking to declare that they have not breached the international copyright laws and conventions. The students also consent to the copying and distribution of their dissertation by The British University in Dubai for the purposes of research, private study or education. Students may opt out for any of this requirement with good cause.



Gifts and Donation

The library is interested in receiving donations of books and other items which will improve and complement the collection in some way. Care must be taken that only items which meet at least some of the selection criteria are added to the library stock, and that these donations do not contain strongly biased statements or extensive commercial messages.
Sample and inspection copies of materials obtained by academic staff as a result of their employment with BUiD e.g. Approval copies from publishers should be considered as BUiD property and offered to the library.
The library acknowledges receipt of gifts in writing. The library reserves the right to integrate gifts into the general collection.

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