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MGT 508 Organisational Behaviour and Business Leadership: Reading list

Reading list

MGT 508 Organisational Behaviour and Business Leadership 

Department: MSc Business Administration
Module Description: The purpose of this module is to provide a solid understanding of individuals and group behaviour in work organisations.  It examines the role of management in diagnosing behaviours and adopting practices that can improve organisational effectiveness. This will involve consideration of employees’ attitudes, motivation, learning and reinforcement, job satisfaction workgroups, organizational culture, leadership, communication, decision making, organization conflict, change management, and management of stress.
Successful managers have different approaches to their work, sharing a range of diverse personality traits, attributes and beliefs. These underpin skills proficiency, but cannot in themselves be described as ‘skills’. Yet often they are central determinants of an individual manager’s effectiveness and are developed consciously over time and with an awareness of differing cultural contexts and operating environments. A key purpose of this module is thus to encourage learners to develop a strong sense of self-awareness and of their own strengths and weaknesses as managers and colleagues.
The module also seeks to develop further more-specialised skills that are of particular significance to effective higher-level people management and provides opportunities for applied learning and continuous professional development. This module seeks to help learners make the most of their formal programmes of study with the inclusion of key postgraduate study skills and requires critical reflection on theory and practice from an ethical and professional standpoint.
An emphasis is placed on Organisational Behaviour and Business Leadership in a mixed global environment. The module encourages learning about talent management in developing economies with diverse national, organizational and group cultures. In these different local and global contexts, managing diversity is central along with cross-cultural communication and motivation.

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