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SDBE 503 Investigations in the Built Environment: Reading list

SDBE 503 Investigations in the Built Environment 

Department: MSc Sustainable Design in the Built Environment
Module Description: The module is based on the belief that evaluation, feedback and critique are all vital components to the progress of sustainable design. Progress can only be achieved when this assessment loop is completed using credible and appropriate methods. Investigations in the Built Environment aims to reinforce this message and introduce the student to a number of investigative and analytical methods and techniques, including prediction, simulation, experimental and measurement.  It will consider both physical and human perspectives of the Built Environment and draw on methods appropriate to both academic and practice based investigations. The module content is backed up by self-learning material on the web specifically written for the module.  Further support for the learning will come from a planned sequence of assignments, in which students are encouraged to think through the issues involved in each stage of making an investigation; written feedback on these from the tutors will contribute to the module content.  The students will also be introduced and trained to use some handheld instruments that are used to assess thermal comfort as air quality. There is a high degree of class interaction and group working involved in this process.

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