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SDBE 508 Sustainable Urban Design: Reading list

SDBE 508 Sustainable Urban Design 

Department: MSc Sustainable Design in the Built Environment
Module Description: The module aims to address and discuss the critical issue of our Urban Environment and the need not only to speak to the attention that needs to be paid to the fragility of the planet and its resources, but also our Urban Environments which are places that we present a large part of our political, social, cultural, technical and creative achievements and inspirations. Democracy and Democratic values within this context are not abstract concepts, but are situated relational conditions that are deeply embedded within the physical space of our every day actions, our homes, our places of work and our spaces of social and public gathering. The module tries to contribute into providing the ground for new forms of spatial democracy. These are structurally organized as a series of speculations within the lecture topics and assignments given, and are indispensible components of the development of future cities, which therefore is intended to be projective in character.

Recommended readings


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