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ARCH 502 Advanced History and Theory of Architecture : Reading list

ARCH 502 Advanced History and Theory of Architecture

Department: MSc in Architecture

Module Description: This module aims at providing student with an advanced contextual understanding of the theoretical, methodological and historiographical aspects of architecture. Moreover, it will highlight the importance of linking architecture with art appreciation, and lessons learned from architects and architectural historians. Students will be able to read about and understand architecture with the use of critical evaluation skills. Students will think about architecture beyond what is immediately evident and will be able to study buildings from different perspectives. In this course student will be designing a building inspired by an Architect’s Style from History and will carry this with a thorough research on including a critical analysis past case study of selected architect. Understanding the history of architecture will help students to anticipate the future directions of architecture and they realize their roles in terms of achieving a better future. 

Recommended readings

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