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Library submission of your thesis / dissertation must be done to attain your Graduation clearance. Students should submit the final version to BSpace, which is the online institutional repository of the British University in Dubai. 

If your dissertation has been marked and you have done all the required changes provided by your Supervisor, then you are ready for this 'submission process'.


Step 1 - Check if your dissertation/thesis formatting conforms with the University Standards before you begin to submit. (e.g.  title page format, Arabic title and abstract, pagination, font size and order of contents)



Step 2 -  After checking the format and other specifications, submit your paper through the University open repository (Bspace) by resetting your password.  If you are unable to reset your Bspace password, kindly email or call 04 279 1431. 

Step 3 - Login with your Bspace account using your BUiD email and the password you just created and submit your final dissertation. Complete the form and follow the instructions carefully. See the complete step-by-step process guide 

After the submission, the document will be reviewed by the Supervisor to approve the contents. The format will be checked by the library if it conforms to the University standards. 

NOTE: Non-compliance on the format will be rejected.

If you want to place a restriction in publishing the full-text online,you have to fill the ETD Embargo request form and get it signed by your Supervisor before submitting it to the Library. The embargo period and the reason must be specified clearly.

This submission may take 48 hours to complete the process. If the submission meets the standards and has been approved by your Supervisor you will receive the approval notification email.