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CS 303 Computer Communications and Networks: Reading list

CS 303 Computer Communications and Networks

Department: BSc in Computer Science

Module Description: This is an introductory course on Computer Communications and Networks, focusing on fundamental concepts, principles and techniques. The course will introduce basic networking concepts, including: protocol, network architecture, reference models, layering, service, interface, multiplexing, switching and standards. An overview of digital communication from the perspective of computer networking will also be provided. Topics covered in this course include: Internet (TCP/IP) architecture and protocols, network applications, congestion/flow/error control, routing and internetworking, data link protocols, error detection and correction, channel allocation and multiple access protocols, communication media and selected topics in wireless and mobile networks.

Module texts

  • Kurose, J. F. and Ross, K. W. (2021). Computer networking: a top-down approach. 8th edn. Hoboken: Pearson. 

  • White, C. M. (2020). Data communications & computer networks: a business user's approach. 8th edn. Boston: Course Tecnology.

Recommended readings

  • Dean, T. (2013). Network guide to networks. 6th ed. Australia: Course Technology, Cengage. 

  • Grice, M. and Verge, T. (2010). Lab manual for network guide to networks. 5th edn. Boston, MA: Course Technology, Cengage Learning.

  • Stallings, W. and Manna, M. M. (2014). Data and computer communications. 10th edn. Boston Massachusetts: Pearson.

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