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CS 305 3D Game Programming: Reading list

CS 305 3D Game Programming

Department: BSc Computer Science (SE & AI)

Module Description: This module aims to take a student with a background in programming to an advanced level of understanding and experience of modern interactive 3D game engine development. On completing the module, students will have developed a fully interactive and graphically realistic 3D game application at a low level using Visual Studio. Starting with an appreciation of the historical aspects of interactive technology then moving onto 3D modelling theory and environments. The next stage will be to introduce interactive device programming techniques, network programming and state-of-the-art software tools. Finally, in order to prepare students for further work or employment in this area, students will design, build and test a complex 3D graphics application using an off-the-shelf game engine and the Visual Studio programming environment.

Module texts

  • Hoskinson, R. and Greene, W. (2007). Managed directx game programming. Sams.

  • Nystrom, R. (2014). Game programming patterns. Genever Benning.

Recommended readings

  • Sweigart, A. (2017). Invent your own computer games with python. 4th edn. San Francisco: No Starch Press.

  • Wainewright, M. (2020). Code your own games! : 20 games to create with scratch. New York: Sterling Children's Books.

  • Lengyel, E. and Safari, an O'Reilly Media Company (2011). Mathematics for 3d game programming and computer graphics. 3rd edn. Course Technology PTR.

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