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CS 322 Research Method: Reading list

CS 322 Research Method

Department: BSc Computer Science

Module Description: This module improves the student’s research ability in the manner of high impact research, they need to follow the structure of indexed journal life cycle and reliable resources indexed. Its worked to improve student research proposals and apply the design that consist of triangular research cycle namely; T1: systematic Literature review, T2 and T3: developing the research question, aims as (research focus & sequences), and T4: full length research (novelty cycle) connected to the theoretical approaches that designed the research methodology. This course also discussed how can publish the research finding at high impact factor journals which is needed at industrial community. Therefore, it is very important to raise student’s proficiency at this level. Lastly, this course provides a view on intellectual property and international competitions in order to help students and make them able to commercialize the research findings of their projects.

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