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CSAI 405 Artificial Intelligence Capstone Project: Reading list

CSAI 405 Artificial Intelligence Capstone Project

Department: BSc in Computer Science

Module Description: This is a major project and is intended to allow students to demonstrate their ability to organise and carry out a substantial piece of work. The project involves both the application of skills learnt in the past and the acquisition of new skills. Typical areas of activity will be: gathering and understanding background information; solving conceptual problems; design; implementation; experimentation and evaluation; writing up.

The project is conducted individually by the student under the supervision of a member of teaching staff. The project specification is usually provided by a member of staff, but students are also free to specify their own project. All project specifications must be approved by the Project Coordinator.

Module texts

  • Dawson, C. W. (2015). Projects in computing and information systems: a student's guide. Third edn. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. Purchase eBook

  • Andersen, E. S., Grude, K. V. and Haug, T. (2009). Goal directed project management: effective techniques and strategies. 4th edn. London: Kogan Page. Access 3rd editon 


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