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CSSE 304 Web Development: Reading list

CSSE 304 Web Development

Department: BSc in Computer Science

Module Description: The module aims to cover the concepts, relevance and practical implementation of use of open-source web frameworks to develop complex, data driven, web applications; and of distributed web solutions, focusing primarily on the development of XML web services via Visual Studio.NET. The module also aims to discuss issues, core technologies and applications whilst further developing students' problem solving, coding and investigative skills.

Module texts

  • Connolly, R. and Hoar, R. (2018). Fundamentals of web development. 2nd edn. NY, NY: Pearson. 

  • Felke-Morris, T. (2019). Web development and design foundations with HTML5. 9th edn. NY, NY: Pearson.

Recommended readings

  • Aquino, C. and Gandee, T. (2017). Front-end web development : the big nerd ranch guide. Atlanta, GA: Big Nerd Ranch. 

  • Niederst Robbins, J. (2018).  Learning web design : a beginner's guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web graphics. 5th edn. Beijing: O'Reilly.

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