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EDU 509 Education of Children with Exceptional Learning Needs: Reading list

EDU 509 Education of Children with Exceptional Learning Needs

Department: Master of Education

Module Description: This module aims to survey the field of pupils with exceptional learning needs. The module focuses on, but not restricted to four main categories of such needs: Education of pupils with social emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD), Education of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Education of pupils with any forms of Dyslexia, and Education of those who are gifted or talented.  It looks at identification, programme planning, curriculum and pedagogy. This module on educating pupils with exceptional learning needs is essential for students who wish to study the education of pupils with special needs as part of their MEd. The UAE is taking a leading role in the Gulf to develop the educational services offered to pupils with special needs in general and ELN in particular in the regular classroom. The module provides students with knowledge and transferable skills that are related to challenges facing decision makers to decide on important matters like provision of placement in the regular school, and production and evaluation of individualized educational programs in regular class settings in a country where academic excellence is very important. The module also introduces participants to current cultural, ethical and legal issues related to children with exceptional learning needs in their country. The module will particularly examine the different cultural attitudes to exceptional needs education which exists in the UAE, the Gulf and other developing countries. 

Recommended readings

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