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EDU 515 E-Learning and Blended Learning: Reading list

EDU 515 E-Learning and Blended Learning 

Department: Master of Education
Module Description: This module will consider the role of the educator and the learner in relation to the use of Educational Technologies in learning environments.  Learning theories and the pedagogical issues raised by the use of Information Communication Technologies will be discussed.  The ways in which technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning will be examined in relation to theoretical models of good practise as well as practical issues concerning the successful implementation and use of technologies in a pedagogically sound manner.  The relationship between technology use and its role in knowledge construction and assessment will be investigated and examined in relation to the needs, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of teachers, students as well as acknowledging the role and development of the knowledge economy in affecting teaching and learning practices.

Recommended Readings (arranged by weekly syllabus theme)

What is elearning/blended learning

Group Behaviour Dynamics (traditional learning environments vs online learning environments).

Media and methods selection for course materials and content. 


Evaluating web based materials and resources for group based learning Vs individual learning needs.  

Evaluating CD Roms and Lesson Resource Information – integrating into lessons

Evaluating Web 2.0 in Education.  Interacting with educational social networking sites–experiences as a user



Laptops and Ipads

Assessing and evaluating online and blended learning


Additional readings 


ICT Lesson Plans and Resources 

Ask a Librarian for help to find and evaluate resources