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EDU 516 Managing Educational Technology: Reading list

EDU 516 Managing Educational Technology

Department: Master of Education

Module Description: This module examines the organisational aspects of ICT in Education by discussing the nature of ICT in Education and the role of policy in ICT provision. ICT policy is discussed in relation the process of auditing, planning and implementing change including how to develop models for ICT capability.  The impact of the ‘anytime, anywhere’ model of Education is also considered by critically examining research evidence on the affect of social networking and mobile learning initiatives (e.g. one student, one laptop drives and the use of mobile phones as an educational teaching and learning resource) upon teaching and learning practices as well as practical issues concerning implementation.  Finally this module considers developmental factors influencing online behaviours, risk exposure and psychological outcomes that must be considered when assessing the use of distributed web based learning environments with both children and adults and how these findings can be used in order to education children and young people about safe and responsible use of new technology.

Recommended readings

The context for ICT capability in schools – Policy, research and practice

ICT and Teachers, Principals and Managers – Assessing Needs and Expectations

Pupil’s perspectives on ICT Education – a clash of cultures?

Mobile Learning: Laptops

Mobile Learning: PDA’s, Mobile Phones

Social Networking in Education

Chatrooms – Implications for policy

Internet addiction and psychological well being & Developing an ICT Policy for your school

Additional Reading

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