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EDU 517 Sociolinguistics for TESOL: Reading list

EDU 517 Sociolinguistics for TESOL

Department: Master of Education

Module Description: Sociolinguistics is the study of the position and importance of language in human societies, and its relationship to social factors. Thus the focus of this module is the way in which the teaching and learning context can be adapted in order to encompass the cross-cultural learning challenges that are a significant part of the educational environment.

This course studies language in its sociocultural context, investigating how social and cultural factors influence language use, and language learning and teaching. The main aim of this module is to engage students with the key issues in sociolinguistics and illustrate the relevance of their application in language and education. The course will also focus on the practical aspects of using sociolinguistic data/information to evaluate and prepare materials and activities for raising learners’ awareness of cross-cultural differences.

Recommended readings

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