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EDU 524 International Higher Education: Reading list

EDU 524 International Higher Education

Department: Master of Education

Module Description: This module develops the skills and understanding required to engage with the internationalisation of higher education.  The module will provide a comprehensive review of the key trends, challenges and developmental models within international higher education.  Students will gain a core understanding of the foundation of the discourse; practical understanding of policy and action; critical capability through analysis and comparative discussion. 

The module will introduce students to a diverse set of case studies providing a clear opportunity to connect theory to practice.  Students will develop skills in research, critical analysis, comparative review, constructing arguments based on evidence and theory. 

This module will draw upon skills gained throughout the degree and provide an opportunity for the development of a general understanding of the field of international higher education and the development of specialised knowledge and application in the sub-fields of policy; leadership; curriculum; teaching and learning; student experience; strategy; and management. The module will cover key activity in the UAE and internationally.

Recommended readings

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