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EDU 525 Introduction to Developmental Psychology: Reading list

EDU 525 Introduction to Developmental Psychology

Department: Master of Education

Module Description: Through this module, students will learn how to view individuals in the context of their overall life-cycle and stages of development. By learning about the different stages of development proposed by various developmental theorists, students are able to appreciate how individuals experience different developmental stages and what needs to happen for optimal development in cognitive, moral, and relational domains. Lectures will present theory and research in three main areas of child development including: 

(i) Birth and early infancy - early experiences; changes in pre-adolescence, adolescence and adulthood; aging and death 

(ii) Socio-emotional development - understanding and regulation of emotion; development in the context of relationships with parents and peers; understanding others; development of self and gender 

(iii) Cognitive development - development of perception, language and cognition; developing minds and intelligence 

Students are exposed to classical and modern theories of human development and to research which relates these theories to real-life examples. The initial assessment requires students to critique the ability of contemporary theories to explain behaviour, while the second assessment provides the opportunity for a reflective application to personal experience in educational settings.

Recommended readings

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