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LAW 312 Consumer Protection Law: Reading list

LAW 312 Consumer Protection Law

Department: Bachelor of Law

Module Description: This module covers legal aspects of consumer’s transactions such as duties of suppliers, rights of consumers and monopoly. It illustrates how consumers can be protected in the era of modern technology. It discusses consumer protection in particular sales such as online and doorstep sales. The module deals also with the misleading advertising and its legal consequences. The liabilities and dispute resolutions are also discussed at the end of this module. It is intended to explain and discuss the relevant main topics under both UAE law and English law (to the extent applicable in the UAE).

Module texts

The module coordinator will provide students with mandatory texts on UAE Law prepared purposefully for this particular module.

  • David Bryan, The Rights of The Consumer, (Straightforward Publishing, 2017)

Recommended readings

  • Iain Ramsay, Consumer Law and Policy: Text and Materials on Regulating Consumer Markets, (3rd ed., Hart Publishing 2010)

  • Lorraine Conway, The UK House of Commons Briefing Paper Number CBP5632, 25 March 2019, on the doorstep selling.

  • David Marsh, Guide to Consumer Law, (Easyway, 2016)

  • Denis Barry, Edward Jenkins Qc, Charlene Sumnall, Ben Douglasjones, Daniel Lloyd, Blackstone's Guide to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, (Oxford UP, 2016)

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