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LAW 403 Insurance Law: Reading list

ACC 403 Insurance Law

Department: Bachelor of Law

Module Description: This module covers the rights of the insurer and insured person; the risk; the unfair contract terms; the duty of disclosure, premium payment, the duty of utmost good faith; the scope of coverage. It is intended to explain and discuss the relevant main topics under both English law and UAE law.

Module texts

The module coordinator will provide students with mandatory texts on UAE Law prepared purposefully for this particular module.

  • John Birds, Birds; Modern Insurance Law, (12th ed., Sweet and Maxwell, 2022)
  • Sam Wakerley and John Barlow, United Arab Emirates, in ‘The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review, edited by Peter Rogan (10th ed., Law Business Research Ltd, 2022)

Recommended readings

  • Eilifson, A. and Messier, W. F. (2013). Auditing and assurance services. McGraw Hill.

  • Cosserat, G.W. (2009). Modern auditing. 3rd edn. Hoboken, N.J; Chichester: Wiley.

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