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MATH 202 Differential Equations: Reading list

MATH 202 Differential Equations

Department: BSc in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Module Description: This module provides an introduction to the theory, solution and application of ordinary differential equations. Topics discussed in the module include methods of solving first-order differential equations, existence and uniqueness theorems, second-order linear equations, higher-order linear equations and systems of equations. The relationship between differential equations and linear algebra is emphasized in this module.

Recommended readings

  • Brannan, J. R. and Boyce, W. E. (2012). Differential equations with boundary value problems : an introduction to modern methods and applications. 2nd edn. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons.

  • Xie, W.-C. (2014). Differential equations for engineers. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  • Zill, D. G. (2017). Differential equations with boundary value problems. 9th edn. Cengage Learning.

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