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  • Registered users are the University staff and students who are automatically added in the library database. A library username and password will be provided once the registration is completed.
  • Registered students are issued their university ID card which also acts as the library card. This must be presented when borrowing library materials.
  • University cards are non-transferable. It is the reader's responsibility to ensure that the correct contact details are notified to the student administration.
  • External users are the alumni, adjunct staff and research affiliates, which shall be endorsed by the university staff and must complete the visitor’s registration form in order to make use of the library facilities. Students from other university are prohibited.
  • The library will be open at such times as may be determined by the Head of Department and agreed by the university executive. A statement of the hours during which the University Library is open will be displayed outside the library and on the library website.
  • Electronic resources may be accessed by registered users on and off campus through the library website using their library account. Specific databases may require a special username and password.
  • The library account also allows the user to renew, reserve and recall library items.
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum out of respect for all users. Group discussions should take place outside the library.
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes is not allowed in the library.
  • The consumption of food and drink is not allowed in the library to avoid any spoilage on the materials, carpets and walls.
  • The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the library to avoid disturbance to other users. Phones must be switched off, made mute or used outside the library.
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended or left with Library staff. Library staff will not be liable for any loses. Unattended items may be removed by the Head of Department and deposited with ‘lost and found’.
  • Misuse of Library facilities and inconsideration to staff or Library users is not tolerated. The marking, defacing or damaging of Library materials will be regarded as a serious offence.  Offenders may be subject to action under 5.6 student disciplinary policy.
  • The library staff reserves the right to inspect bags when the security alarm sounds.
  • Computer workstations are available unless being used by a user. There is no reservation service.
  • Users must use their university login details to access computer workstations and printing/scanning facilities.
  • Users must leave library premises immediately in emergencies and are required to vacate the library at designated closing times.
  • All registered users of the library are offered an induction to the library resources and services available and electronically on the website.
  • Use of laptops and headphones are permitted in the library, provided they are not a disturbance to other users.


  • No book or other materials shall be taken out of the Library until the item is properly checked out on the Library system.
  • Borrowers are responsible for all items issued to their Library account. Any damage found on or before borrowing should be reported immediately to the Library staff. This responsibility ends when the item is returned.
  • All borrowed items must be returned or renewed online no later than the due date to avoid fines. Borrowers are notified through a system-generated email to their University email account. It is the responsibility of the borrower to renew their items on loan when they receive such notices.
  • Items on loan can be renewed online unless no other borrower has submitted a request. Users must return the item(s) on the expiry of their borrowing limit. Failure to renew or return items will result in the user’s Library account being blocked. Users should then report immediately to the Library staff by email, chat, phone or personal visit to the Library.
  • No library materials may be borrowed on behalf of another user without a written request by the user in whose name the item is to be borrowed.
  • Materials confined as reference or core texts are not to be released from the Library except under permission of the Head of Department.
  • Students must return all materials and pay outstanding fines and charges before their account is cleared.  Failure to do so will result in non-issue of degree certificates or other benefits due.

Recall/ On hold

  • Borrowers are responsible for accepting recall requests. If a library item is on loan to another borrower, another user may place a recall on it. The borrower will be notified by email and must return the item by the new due date.
  • Books on shelves may be reserved online. Reserved items will be held for a limited period only.

Fines and charges

  • Borrowers who do not return or renew an item on loan on or by the due date will be fined until the item is returned or renewed. A record of the item(s) on which fines are due is available from the Library and in the user’s online Library account.
  • Fines are expected to be paid within a reasonable time period. Failure to pay the fines may result in suspension of borrowing facilities by the Head of Department.
  • Any lost or damaged books will be the responsibility of the user and incur a processing fee including replacement of the item.
  • Appeals on Library fines may be made by email to the Library Desk. Fines may be reduced on the discretion of the Head of Department.

Document requests

  • Monographs and other learning resources not available in the Library may be requested online. 

Reproduction and Copyright

  • All registered users of electronic resources must abide by the terms of the appropriate licenses.
  • The University Library abides by national and international copyright laws in force. Members of the university copying and scanning Library books under the terms of any licensing scheme are personally responsible for ensuring strict adherence. 

This policy defines the various categories of University library users and their borrowing privileges and associated regulations.

This policy is applicable to all University library users as defined in the later sections.


Registered Users (Students/ Faculty/ Professional Staff)
These are the individuals that are registered with University. These users have full rights and privileges of membership to the University Library.
External Users (Alumni, Visiting Staff/ Adjunct Staff and Research Affiliates)
Such users shall complete the visitors’ registration form, show a valid photo ID and pay a refundable security deposit fee for availing the borrowing facility.



  • Registered users are issued their University ID Card which also acts as the Library Card. This must be presented each time a book is borrowed. The card is issued with the understanding that its owner agrees to abide by the Library rules and regulations Users in the other categories of membership must sign a statement that they agree to abide by all Library rules and regulations.
  • University cards are non-transferable. It is the reader's responsibility to ensure that the correct contact details are notified to the Library.
  • Total number of items allowed to be borrowed at one time and the associated loan period is defined as follows
User type No. of loans No. of days No. of renewals
 Faculty & Admin staff 15 28 3
Doctoral students 10 28 3
Master students 10 21 3
Undergraduate students 5 14 3
  • Loan renewals may be allowed at the expiry of the loan period if no one else has reserved the item.
  • Loan renewals should be made online through by logging in to your library account.
  • Online renewal will not be made if the renewal item is overdue. Overdue item can only be renewed in person, by phone, or by email.
  • Late return attracts overdue fines of two (2) dirham per day, per book.
  • External users are allowed access to print resources only.


Curricular/General Collection
Loan periods and loan limits vary depending on the type of user.

Reference/ Periodicals/ Reserve Collection
Materials in this collection are generally for Library Use only. The University Librarian may permit borrowing upon special request with limited time.


Interlibrary loan/ Document Delivery

Books and journal articles that are not found in the library collection may be obtained through interlibrary loan or document delivery. This service is open to registered borrowers of the University.
Library staff will make every effort to fulfill each request but due to the cost of providing this service, certain restrictions may apply.
The use of any material obtained through the inter-library loan service is governed at all times by the regulations of the lending library.

Please make sure that you search the library catalogue to ensure that your request item is not available in the library. Once you are sure that it is not available, you can submit Interlibrary Document Delivery through WorldCat. If the item is not available in WorldCat, you can send the request to  

Requests are normally actioned by the University free of charge, but more complex requirements may require a small charge to be levied. Some materials can be obtained only by paying a fee and shall be subject for approval by your module coordinator or the Faculty Dean.
For example, theses and dissertations are difficult to obtain and require a fee for purchase.
Please see EThOS service, an open access to UK theses repository, if you want to place an order.

The University Library has a scanner/photocopier to enable the copying/scanning of articles and chapters within the bounds of copyright legislation.

The University Library abides by national and international copyright laws in force.  If users are unsure of the terms of copyright, they should consult the library staff.

Photocopying from cover to cover will not be allowed. Print material may be reproduced for educational purposes provided that:

  1.  Permission has been obtained (in writing) from the copyright owner; OR
  2.  A single copy is made by the Library for preservation purposes, or for exchange where the original has been lost or destroyed, and is no  longer available for purchase OR
  3.  An “insubstantial” portion of the entire work is reproduced for the purposes of criticism, discussion, or information

In all cases, the original work must have been legitimately acquired by the University or by the member of BUiD staff, and the original work must be identified and cited in the reproduction.

When students submit their dissertations to the Library they are required to sign an undertaking to declare that they have not breached the international copyright laws and conventions. The students also consent to the copying and distribution of their dissertation by The British University in Dubai for the purposes of research, private study or education. Students may opt out for any of this requirement with good cause.