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SDBE 518 Sustainable Urban Transport: Reading list

SDBE 518 Sustainable Urban Transport 

Department: MSc Sustainable Design in the Built Environment
Module Description: This module explores the ways in which the society’s mobility needs can be met with minimum negative impacts which are associated with excessive use of private automobiles - such as impacts on the quality of our environment, social cohesion, health and traffic controls. The module has two focus points: 1) the relationship between transport and the environment and 2) the means through which sustainable mobility might be achieved. The students will be introduced to various issues related to sustainable transportation systems to develop the capability to make an effective contribution at the highest level to the planning, policy making and management of transport. A wider perspective is desirable, which starts from the premise that land-use decisions both influence and are influenced by transport objectives and performance. The students will learn related software programme to aid them to design the transport more efficient and sustainable.

Recommended readings 

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