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BSE 504 Building Management System: Reading list

BSE 504 Building Management System 

Department: MSc Building Services Engineering

Module Description: Building Management System is central to 'Intelligent Buildings' concepts; its purpose is to control, monitor and optimise building services, e.g. lighting, HVAC, water system, security, CCTV and alarm system, access control, audio-visual and entertainment systems, ventilation, filtration and climate control, time & attendance control and reporting (notably staff movement and availability), etc. It includes types of measurement and instrumentation, control techniques, control components and control system related to services installations. Building Management System considers the basic principles of building management, components and controls, applications, integration, operation and maintenance.

The module will also cover the different types of commissioning: basic, advanced and continuous. The roles of the commissioning teams at the different phase of the building design, construction, handover and operation will also be discussed.

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