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MGT 521 Economics and Business Environment: Reading list

MGT 521 Economics and Business Environment

Department: MSc Business Administration

Module Description: The module covers principles of macroeconomics and microeconomics, and deals with their applications to private and public sector management contexts. It provides an understanding of global macroeconomics and its i importance in the development of effective corporate strategies. The module will present fundamental concepts of macroeconomics and develop analytical tools that can be used to study economic scenarios and performance. Students will gain insight into how external influences such as global trade and international capital flows are driving the world economy in addition to governmental fiscal and monetary policy.

It develops the student’s knowledge and understanding of the concepts of microeconomics and to apply principles and models to real world cases and situations. In addition, by the end of the module students will have an appreciation of the relevance of economics for business. The module facilitates the application of basic economic concepts, principles and models to understand and analyse the business and economic environment in which we live and work, and to appreciate the impacts of economic decisions and events.

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