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SDBE 516 SDBE Research Project: Reading list

SDBE 516 SDBE Research Project 

Department: MSc Sustainable Design in the Built Environment
Module Description: In this module the student will undertake a short research project. The student will focus on applying the knowledge learnt the projects submitted in the previous modules. This project could be an extension to one or more projects submitted in previous modules. Either way the student will reflect on all his research activities in the previous modules and try to incorporate in this project including critical review of previous outcomes to be used to prepare a proposal for new research project. The student will focus on applying the knowledge learnt in several modules to analyse, revise, improve and assess a relevant topic. This could include topics on building design, interior environments, energy conservation & management, renewable resources, building services, or any other relevant built environment topic as long as it is approved by the module tutor. The student will produce an industry type report, including an executive summary and a detailed report, plus give a presentation explaining and defending the steps undertaken during the project. The jury for the presentation will include one or more jurors from the relevant industry who will take part in the assessment of the presentation as well. This module will run over two consecutive terms in order to give the student enough time to properly research, document, propose and assess their selected topic of the project.

Module text(s)

There is no single main textbook for this module. You are expected to read from a variety of relevant research journals and books (including those shown below). The use of electronic resources is essential. 

Ask a Librarian for help to find and evaluate resources