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SDBE 521 Climate and Comfort: Reading list

SDBE 521 Climate and Comfort

Department: MSc in Sustainable Design and Built Environment

Module Description: The primary focus of this course will be the study of the thermal, luminous and ventilation performance of buildings within the Built Environmental context. The course will examine the basic scientific principles underlying these phenomena and introduce students to a range of technologies and analysis skills for designing comfortable indoor environments. Students will be challenged to apply these skills and explore the role light, energy and air can play in shaping a Built Environment. The course format will consist of a series of lectures that are accompanied by software tutorials. A number of individual and group assignments relevant to the topic, in which will aid students to better perceive the topics covered in class. The assignments for this class will be closely interlinked with the real world (from profession) and students will be challenged to integrate what they have learnt in this class within Profession.

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