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Submission of Thesis/Dissertation

Step-by-step instructions for library submission

Before submitting the final draft of your thesis/dissertation for library clearance and binding, ensure that it complies with the BUiD formatting templates and that it has been approved and graded by your supervisor. 

  • Register by resetting your password.

  • Login with your BSpace account using your BUiD email and the password.

  • Upload the thesis / dissertation in word format. 

  • Choose an embargo period of 24 or 36 months. Embargo periods longer than 36 months require approval from the supervisor. (Embargo period means your preferred time period for making your work publicly available on BSpace).

  • Your thesis/dissertation will be made available online on BSpace, the university repository after the embargo period expires.

Download step-by-step instructions on submission 

After the submission, the format will be checked by the library if it conforms to the university standards. The document will be reviewed again by the supervisor for the final approval.

This submission may take 48 hours to complete the process. If the submission meets the standards and has been approved by your supervisor, you will receive the “library clearance” on the student portal and by email.