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BUS 217 Managerial Accounting: Reading list

BUS 217 Managerial Accounting

Department: BSc Business Management

Module Description: This module aims to introduce students to fundamental concepts and practices of management accounting. The module examines basic management and cost accounting concepts and explores their uses in the development of costing systems and decision making in the context of planning and controlling business enterprises.

Module texts

  • Drury, C. (2021). Management and cost accounting. 11th ed. Cengage Learning. 10th edition available

  • Garrison, R.H., Noreen E.W. & Seal, W. (2021). Managerial accounting. 17th ed. McGraw Hill.

Recommended readings

  • Bhimani, A., Horngren, C. T., Datar, S. M. and Foster, G. (2015). Management and cost accounting. 6th ed. Harlow: Prentice-Hall. 6th edition available

  • Miller-Nobles, T., Mattison, B. and Matsumura, E. M. (2022). Horngren's financial & managerial accounting. 7th ed. New York: Pearson.

  • Weygandt, J. J., Kimmel, P. D. and Kieso, D. E, (2023). Managerial accounting: tools for business decision making. 9th ed. Wiley.

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