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BUS 417 Digital Marketing: Reading list

BUS 417 Digital Marketing

Department: BSc Business Management

Module Description: Digital marketing is an exciting area of marketing practice. This module will cover the what, why, and how of major current approaches, including online listening and monitoring, website traffic analytics, search engine optimization, search and display ads, affiliates, email marketing, and social media. Digital marketers approach their jobs with a curiosity about how new technologies will change business, with an insistence that strategy drive tactics, and with a measurement mindset. The module is designed to get the student to think like a digital marketing professional, and to give him/her experience with industry‐relevant hands‐on assignments and exercises.

Module texts

  • Chaffey, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2022). Digital marketing: strategy, implementation & practice. 8th ed. Pearson.

Recommended readings

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