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CS 114 Programming II: Reading list

CS 114 Programming II

Department: BSc Computer Science

Module Description: Introduction to Programming in Python Module is a comprehensive, introductory program designed to develop proficiency in the Python programming language. It covers the fundamental concepts of Python syntax and usage, basic data structures, input/output operations, and more. The Module provides an introduction to the Python language, development environment, text editors, and libraries. It also focuses on developing algorithms and data structures and introducing object-oriented programming as a way of dealing with large applications. Finally, the Module covers debugging, optimization, and profiling of Python code. This Module is designed to give students a solid foundation in the Python language and the development of powerful and efficient applications.

Module texts

  • GuttagI, J. (2021). Introduction to computation and programming using Python. 3rd ed. MIT Press.

Recommended readings

  • Shaw, Z. (2017). Learn Python 3 the hard way: a very simple introduction to the terrifyingly beautiful world of computers and code. Addison-Wesley.

  • Gaddis, T. (2021). Starting out with Python Plus. 5th ed. Pearson.

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