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CS 219 Introduction to Cybersecurity: Reading list

CS 219 Introduction to Cybersecurity

Department: BSc Computer Science

Module Description: This module provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Students will gain a solid understanding of cyber threat intelligence, defensive tools, and incident response. The module covers key concepts and techniques in computer network defense, attack, and exploitation. Topics include network architecture, network traffic analysis, Windows and Linux usage, scripting fundamentals, penetration testing, virtualization, and understanding threats within the cyber environment. Through instruction and hands-on laboratory exercises, students will develop foundational cybersecurity skills and knowledge. The module concludes with a live lab exercise to apply introductory cybersecurity skills in a practical setting, reinforcing learned techniques.

Module texts

  • Evans, L. (2020). Cybersecurity: An essential guide to computer and cyber security for beginners, including ethical hacking, risk assessment, social engineering, attack and defense strategies, and cyberwarfare. Bravex Publications.

  • Kim, D. & Solomon, M. (2023). Fundamentals of information systems security. 4th ed. ‎ Jones & Bartlett Learning. 3rd edition available

  • Redmond, M. (2018). Mastering your introduction to cyber security. Florida:

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