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CSCY 112 Coding and Scripting for Cybersecurity: Reading list

CSCY 112 Coding and Scripting for Cybersecurity

Department: BSc Computer Science

Module Description: This module provides an introduction to the principles, methods, and techniques of cyber offensive capabilities and advanced penetration testing in the context of cybersecurity. Students will explore the full life cycle of cyber offensive penetration testing, including exploit development and ethical hacking. The module covers various tools and methods commonly used to compromise information and control systems. Topics include cyber psychological operations (CyberPSYOPS), automated cyber PsyOps, socialbots, and infiltration techniques. Students will gain knowledge of coding and scripting fundamentals for cybersecurity applications and develop skills in cyber offensive information warfare, penetration testing, and exploit development within a controlled environment.

Module texts

  • Moore, A. al-H. (2021). Offensive cyber operations: understanding intangible warfare. Oxford University Press.

  • Reynolds, M. (2021). Art of attack: attacker mindset for security professionals. John Wiley & Sons.

  • Borges, D. (2022). Adversarial tradecraft in cybersecurity: offense versus defense in real-time computer conflict. Packt Publishing.

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