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CSCY 116 Cybersecurity Management and Leadership: Reading list

CSCY 116 Cybersecurity Management and Leadership

Department: BSc Computer Science

Module Description: This course equips students with the essential skills to create cybersecurity strategic plans that safeguard critical assets of organizations. Students will develop the tools necessary to become cybersecurity leaders who can align cybersecurity strategic plans with the objectives of executive leadership. They will learn how to craft effective cybersecurity policies and enhance management and leadership skills to inspire and motivate cybersecurity teams. The course covers cybersecurity management principles, policy analysis and drafting, critical thinking and risk analysis, intrusion prevention techniques, and the cultivation of a cybersecurity culture. Students will also explore evolving threats, cyber law, ethics, digital forensics, and case studies of data breaches.

Module texts

  • Ozkaya, E. (2022). Cybersecurity leadership demystified: a comprehensive guide to becoming a world-class modern cybersecurity leader and global CISO. Packt.

  • Kaplan, M. I. and Peterson, R. M. (2019). Certified disaster response and recovery manager: course workbook and lab exercises. Phase2 Advantage.

  • Romaniuk, S. N., & Manjikian, M. (eds.). (2023). Routledge companion to global cyber-security strategy. Routledge.

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