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CSSE 305 Software Design and Architecture: Reading list

CSSE 305 Software Design and Architecture

Department: BSc in Computer Science (SE)

Module Description: An in-depth look at software design. Continuation of the study of design patterns, frameworks, and architectures. Survey of current middleware architectures. Design of distributed systems using middleware. Component based design. Measurement theory and appropriate use of metrics in design. Designing for qualities such as performance, safety, security, reusability, reliability, etc. Measuring internal qualities and complexity of software. Evaluation and evolution of designs. Basics of software evolution, reengineering, and reverse engineering.

Module texts

  • Martin, R. C. (2017). Clean architecture: a craftsman's guide to software structure and design. Harlow, England: Prentice Hall. Purchase eBook

Recommended readings

  • Burd, S. D. (2016). Systems architecture. 7th edn. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. Request item

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