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CSSE 401 Software Testing: Reading list

CSSE 401 Software Testing

Department: BSc Computer Science (SE)

Module Description: This course is intended to provide the students with an overall view over Software Engineering as an engineering discipline and with insight into the processes of software development. The course highlights a number of important Software Engineering topics, mainly: Software Life-cycle Models; Software Requirements elicitation; Architectural design; Software Integration and Testing; Software evolution; Software Quality; Project Management.

Module texts

  • Laboon, B. (2017). Friendly introduction to software testing. United States: Createspace.

  • Ammann, P. and Offutt, J. (2017). Introduction to software testing. 2nd edn. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. Purchase eBook

Recommended readings

  • Whittaker, J. A., Arbon, J. and Carollo, J. (2012). How google tests software. Addison-Wesley Professional. 

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