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CYS 501 Cybersecurity Science and Applications : Reading list

CYS 501 Cybersecurity Science and Applications

Department: MSc Cybersecurity Science and Applications

Module Description: This postgraduate course on the science of cybersecurity will provide students with a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity concepts, principles, and practices. The course will cover topics such as security threats, vulnerabilities, risk management, access control, cryptography, network security, and incident response. Students will learn about the latest cybersecurity technologies and tools, as well as emerging threats and challenges facing organizations and individuals.

Module texts

  • Easttom, C. (2023). Cyber security fundamentals. 5th edn. Hoboken, NJ: Pearson Education.

Recommended readings

  • Conklin, W. A., White, G. & Cothren, C. (2018). Principles of computer security: CompTIA security+ and beyond. McGraw-Hill Education.

  • Palo Alto Networks. (2014). The Cybersecurity Canon: Must-Read Books. Retrieved from  

  • Ross, R., Swanson, M., & Stoneburner, G. (2008). NIST Special Publication 800-53: Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations. Retrieved from

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