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CYS 504 Cryptography and Information Security: Reading list

CYS 504 Cryptography and Information Security

Department: MSc Cybersecurity Science and Applications

Module Description: This course provides a comprehensive introduction to cryptography and information security. Students will learn the fundamental concepts, principles, and techniques of cryptography and information security, including encryption and decryption, secure communications, digital signatures, authentication, access control, network security, and more. The course will also cover current research topics and emerging trends in cryptography and information security.

Module texts

  • Stallings, W. (2023). Cryptography and network security: principles and practice. 8th edn. Pearson Education. Purchase eBook

  • Schneier, B. (2017). Applied cryptography: protocols, algorithms, and source code in C. 20th anniversary edition. John Wiley & Sons. Purchase eBook

Recommended readings

  • Anderson, R. J. (2021). Security engineering: a guide to building dependable distributed systems. 3rd edn. John Wiley & Sons.

  • Katz, J. & Lindell, Y. (2021). Introduction to modern cryptography. 3rd edn. CRC press.

  • Singh, S. (1999). The code book: the science of secrecy from ancient Egypt to quantum cryptography. Anchor.

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