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The Oxford Legal Research Library (OLRL) is a family of products from Oxford University Press. It provides integrated access across four unrivalled collections of leading works:

International Commercial Arbitration
International Commercial Law
Financial and Banking Law
Private International Law

Bringing together authoritative titles (both established and new) written by world-renowned authors, these collections are essential to all those advising on or researching in these areas. New works, new editions, and supplements will be added to each collection as they are published, ensuring that the OLRL provides comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date coverage and analysis of law, practice, and procedure.

Getting started with Oxford Legal Research Library

Know the basics and the different features of accessing the database.

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A Quick Search finds text containing the search term

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An Advanced search also allows you to search for multiple terms at the same time. This is a full search of the entire Oxford Legal Research Library (OLRL) sites or Individual products within OLRL. It finds your term wherever it occurs in the database.