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DED 627 Reading Health Education and Wellness: Reading list

DED 627 Reading Health Education and Wellness

Department: Doctor of Education/ Doctor of Philosophy in Education 

Module Description: This module is developed to provide research base for health education and wellness that acknowledges the behavioural and environmental deter health, and asserts that the health of individuals, groups, communities and nations constructed in society and schools. Health Education is a subject that would interest students who are concerned about social justice issues and who have a strong commitment to community. Students considering careers in health-related fields including health policy development, health and safety laws and regulations, health advocacy, health information management, counselling, social work, medicine and nursing would find it beneficial. The module provides a context for exploring, identifying and discussing health education reforms, issues, models and strategies. Students should gain deep understanding of the biophysical, psychosocial and environmental determinants of health and wellness concerns through their analysis of primary and secondary justice framework provides a perspective to identify health inequities and to gauge success of interventions.

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