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EDU 530 Learning, Teaching and Assessment: Reading list

EDU 530 Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Department: Master of Education

Module Description: This module helps students to gain knowledge of the nature of learning and what implications this has for teaching and learning environments. The main themes will look at learning theories in conjunction with research in developmental and cognitive psychology.  The relationship between learning theories and teaching methodologies will be assessed by examining the interplay of different learning paradigms and teaching strategies in different educational disciplines.  Issues in the transfer of learning will also be examined by reviewing and discussing themes such as special educational needs, children as learners and effective teaching, learning, and assessment of subjects, such as science, mathematics and English.  These subjects will be reviewed in the light of teaching and learning theories, current research as well students own reflective teaching and learning experiences in order to assess what implications this has on teaching practices and student achievement evaluation.

Module texts

  • Bates, B. (2023). Learning theories simplified: and how to apply them to teaching. Sage Publishing.

  • Lovett, M., Bridges, M., DiPietro M., Ambrose, S., Norman M. (2023). How learning works: eight research-based principles for smart teaching. Wiley Publishing.

  • Pearce, J. (2022). What every teacher needs to know: how to embed evidence-informed teaching and learning in your school. Bloomsbury Publishers.

Recommended readings

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