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EDU 536 Studies in Educational Documents and Texts: Reading list

EDU 536 Studies in Educational Documents and Texts

Department: Master of Education

Module Description: This module deals centrally with the issues involved in syllabus design. Linked to this, the module looks at the issue of examining the curriculum; another area central to teachers and managers. The module considers the problem of reconciling syllabus and materials design with what is known about the process of language learning and the attempts of established approaches to syllabus design to solve these problems. It examines the models of language, such as structure and function which have traditionally underpinned such courses. It also looks at the methods used to teach initial literacy skills in a second language, a neglected area in many international textbooks. The module goes on to examine different approaches involving the establishment of a pedagogic corpus, the use of task-based methodology, and the development of analytical exercises. Having established this general approach, the module goes on to look at: the design of a pedagogic corpus, the design of communicative tasks, and the design of analytical exercises.  

Recommended readings

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