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EENG 321 Electrical Power Devices : Reading list

EENG 321 Electrical power devices

Department: BSc Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Module Description: The functioning of modern industrial society depends heavily upon the ready availability of energy in a form that can be transported cheaply and converted easily into other forms. The processes by which electricity is generated and the means by which it is reconverted into mechanical energy for industrial uses are therefore of fundamental importance. In this module the student will be introduce to the principal types of electro-mechanical energy conversion devices (induction motors, synchronous machine) as well as the transmission and distribution of a three-phase power supply.

Module text(s)

Recommended readings 

  • Bradley, D. A. (1994). Basic electrical power and machines. London: Chapman & Hall.
  • Hindmarsh, J. and Renfrew, A. (1996). Electrical machines and drives. 3rd edn. Butterworth-Heinemann.

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