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FRM 507 Economics for Business and Finance: Reading list

FRM 507 Economics for Business and Finance

Department: MSc Finance and Risk Management

Module Description: The module covers two parts namely microeconomics and macroeconomics, both are essential for advanced studies in business and finance. Part one deals with microeconomic concepts such as demand and supply, elasticity, market structures and pricing strategies. Part two deals with macroeconomic concepts such as GDP, inflation, unemployment. Moreover, it covers money, banking and financial system and their interconnection. Further, it emphasizes the role of central bank in monetary and financial system and also the role of policies including monetary and fiscal policies in influencing demand side of the economy. Business and finance students will greatly benefit from this module since it will allow them to gain economic concepts necessary for analysing and making decision within both private and public organisation as well. Moreover, it will allow them to understand how government policies such as fiscal or monetary ones can affect their business or financial decisions.   

Module texts

  • Hubbard, G. & O’Brian, A. (2022). Economics. 8th ed. England: Pearson Education.

Recommended readings



  • Mankiw, G. (2024). Principles of microeconomics. 10th ed. Cengage Learning. 8th edition available

  • Hubbard, G. & O’Brian, A. (2021). Microeconomics. 8th ed. England: Pearson Education.

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