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INF 613 Computer network and data security: Reading list

INF 613 Computer Network and Data Security

Department: PhD in Computer Science

Module Description: This module provides students with an opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of the theories and issues on the network and data security. In addition to covering network and data security technologies, such as cryptography, operating systems security, malicious software’s, denial of services, and intrusion detection systems. The course will cover network and data security is design in (firewalls , intrusion prevention system, malicious programs immune systems and Malicious Program Detection System (MPDS)), and analysed (access control, security issues and threats). Students will also learn about the analysis the main challenges faced when dealing with security assessment. Practical case studies will be used for illustration.

Module texts

  • Stalling, W. and Brown, L. (2020). Computer security: principle and practice. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Indicative key readings

  • Kizza, J. M. (2020). Guide to computer network security. 5th edn. Cham: Springer.

Recommended readings

  • Bishop, M., Sullivan, E. and Ruppel, M. (2019). Computer security: art and science. 2nd edn. Boston: Addison-Wesley.

  • Mitra, S. and Gofman, M. (2020). Biometrics in a data driven world: trends, technologies, and challenges. Chapman and Hall/CRC.

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