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LAW 421 Criminal Procedures: Reading list

LAW 421 Criminal Procedures

Department: Bachelor of Law

Module Description: This module covers the rules, process and criminal procedures concerning the administration of justice by ensuring suspects’ rights throughout the following stages of the criminal case: initial police contact stage, arrest stage, investigation stage, trial stages, sentencing and appeals. The Law of Criminal Procedure’s module is designed to provide students, undertaking this module, with the necessary understanding needed to comprehend criminal procedures. Additionally, it aims at solving realistic issues and problems relying on the applicable legislation and case-law. It is noteworthy that this module contains the following topics: introduction to criminal procedure, investigation proceedings, jurisdiction and evidence, courts, the pre-trial process, trial, sentencing and punishment, appeal and post-conviction relief and effect of the final judgments and the extinguishment of lawsuit and penalty.

Module texts

The module coordinator will provide students with mandatory texts on UAE Law, prepared purposefully for this particular module.

  • James R. Acker, Criminal Procedure: A Contemporary Perspective (3rd edn, Jones & Bartlett Publishers 2013)

Recommended readings

  • Roger Wright, Criminal Procedure: From the Courtroom to the Street (3rd edn, Wolters Kluwer Law & Business 2023)

  • John M. Scheb and John M. Scheb, Criminal Procedure (7th edn, Cengage Learning 2014)

  • Mohammad S. Namor, Principles Of Penal Procedures: Explanation Of Penal Procedure Law (Arabic edn, 4th edn, Daralthaqafa 2016).

  • Kamel Al-Saeed, Explanation of the Code of Criminal Procedure: An Analytical, Developmental, and Comparative Study in Jordanian, Egyptian, Syrian, and Other Laws (Arabic edn, 3rd edn, Daralthaqafa 2010)

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