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LAW 605 International Business Law: Reading list

LAW 605 International Business Law

Department: PhD in Business Law & Master of Construction Law and Dispute Resolutions 

Module Description: This module aims at providing a thorough and advanced knowledge of the basic methods of doing business abroad: the sales of goods (export) transactions, licensing and franchising, international joint ventures and varying types of payment options. The aim of the module is to develop and advance the students’ understanding of key aspects of commercial law, including how cross-border sales contract are created, what rights the parties enjoy and what kind of liabilities such contracts may give rise to domestically as well as under international law. The module will critically consider current issues in the law and practice of international business. This includes the shortcomings in regulation of international trade finance, international marketing operations, countertrade, mergers and acquisitions. Topics to be covered include: Sources of international commercial sales: English law and SOGA 1979, Incoterms, CIF and FOB contracts, 1980 Vienna Convention on International sale of goods, creation of the contract: incorporation of standard terms and transport obligations, transfer of risk and property, international joint ventures,  internal and external relationship, commercial agency, assignment, international franchising and agencies abroad, regulation of international trade finance, international marketing operations; counter-trade; mergers and acquisitions.

Module texts

Key indicative readings

Related readings

Expropriation in Investment Treaty Arbitration by Johanne M. Cox is now available.

For further readings on the topic visit The Oxford Legal Research Library (OLRL)

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