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MATH 111 Calculus 1: Reading list

MATH 111 Calculus 1

Department: UG - General Education

Module Description: A study of basic college mathematics including topics in algebra, trigonometry, and an introduction to calculus. This General Mathematics module of general education focuses on quantitative reasoning to provide a base for developing a quantitatively literate college graduate. Every college graduate should be able to understand major concepts in mathematics and be able to apply simple mathematical methods to the solution of real-world problems. The module is accepted partially to fulfill the general education mathematics requirement. It emphasizes the development of the student's capability to do mathematical reasoning and problem solving in other modules in the major related programs and in settings the college graduate may encounter in the future. In addition, the objectives of this course are to introduce the students to the fundamental concepts of calculus: limits, continuity, differentiability and integrability; and to train them on applying these concepts to problems that arise in science and engineering. 

Module texts

  • Clegg, D. et al (2020). Calculus: early transcendentals. 9th edn. Cengage. Purchase eBook

Recommended readings

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