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MATH 112 Calculus 2: Reading list

MATH 112 Calculus 2

Department: BSc Computer Science; BSc Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Module Description: This module is the natural extension of the Calculus I (MATH101) module. It emphasizes quantitative reasoning to provide a base for developing a quantitatively literate college graduate. The module will tackle integration in depth, focusing on various applications and techniques of the aforesaid. It also focuses on double and triple integration as well as introduction to differential al equations. Furthermore, infinite sequences and series with some of their applications to develop the student's capability to do mathematical reasoning and problem solving in other modules in the major related programs are addressed. Finally, it covers other relevant topics such as the use of polar coordinates.

Module texts

  • Stewart, J.; Clegg, D. K. & Watson, S. (2022). Calculus: early transcendental. 9th ed. Cengage.

Recommended readings

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