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MENG 323 Thermo-Fluid Sciences III : Reading list

MENG 323 Thermo-Fluid Sciences III 

Department: BSc in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Module Description: This module aims to give an understanding of the fundamentals of heat and mass transfer processes in engineering systems. The lectures will build on the basic principles learned in Thermodynamic topics. In mass transfer, basic principles are introduced practical problems are analysed. Finally examples of practical heat transfer problems will be addressed.

Module texts

  • Cengel, Y. A., Cimbala, J. M. and Turner, R.H. (2021). Fundamentals of thermal-fluid sciences. 6th edn. McGraw-Hill. Purchase eBook

Recommended readings

  • Holman, J.P. (2009).  Heat transfer. 10th edn. McGraw-Hill.

  • Incropera, F.P. and Dewitt, D.P. (2019). Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer. 8th edn. Wiley.

  • Kays, W., Crawford, M. and Weigand, B. (2015). Convective heat and mass transfer. 5th edn. McGraw-Hill.

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