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MENG 443 Power Generation : Reading list

MENG 443 Power Generation

Department: BSc in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Module Description: The power generation plant is a facility that transforms various types of energy into electricity or heat for some useful purpose. Most power generation plant use steam as an energy source. The steam is essential for driving equipment such as pumps, compressors, powering ships and many other industrial and domestic applications. The course aims to develop an understanding of basic knowledge of steam power generation plants.

Module texts

  • Woodruff, E. B., Lammers, H. B. and Lammers, T. F. (2017). Steam plant operation. 10th edn. New York: McGraw-Hill Education. Purchase eBook

Recommended readings

  • Kehlhofer, R. (2009). Combined-cycle gas & steam turbine power plants. 3rd edn. Tulsa, Okla.: PennWell.

  • Li, K. W. and Priddy, A. P. (1985). Power plant system design. New York: Wiley.

  • Kiameh, P. (2003). Power generation handbook: selection, applications, operation, and maintenance. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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